13th Century: mantel

Capa Leonis. Cope, which was used during Sigismund’s coronation in 1414, Aachen Cathedral Treasury.

The magnificent choir robe is one of the most valuable textiles in the Aachen Cathedral Treasury.

Not only are the 100 silver bells that adorn the lower hem of the coat, originally made of dark red velvet, unusual, but also the decoration of the border: embroidered, silver-gilt rosettes are applied to a gold background, the centre of which is decorated with pearls or precious stones. Tiny, crocheted parrots sit on the branches and foliage that stretches like a net over the entire fabric of the border.

Local tradition sees the robe as the choir robe that Pope Leo III wore at the legendary consecration of St. Mary’s Church in Aachen in 805. The garment is definitely not that old; it probably only dates back to the 14th century. It is assumed that the robe was used at the coronation and enthronement of King Charles IV in 1349, Sigismund in 1414 and Charles V in 1520 in St. Mary’s Church in Aachen, the German coronation church.

Cologne, 14th century

(Unable to tell, but I think the “daisies” are beads or possibly french knots)



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