13th Century: Shoes of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II



1220, Shoes of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II
Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna (Sicily, beginning of the 13th century)

More info @ Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Secular Treasury

Altered in Nuremberg between 1612 and 1619 Calf with red silk and gold edging; precious stones and pearls;L 25.5 cm and 26 cm each .¾

Like the gloves, these shoes were presumably made before 1220 for the Emperor Friedrich II.

  • OBJECT LABEL Textile; liturgical garment; coronation regalia
  • CULTURE German; Palermo (board fabric)
  • DATING 1612 – 1619; 12th / 13th century
  • MATERIALS/TECHNOLOGY Textile; Red samite, tablet fabric with gold thread, pearls, amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, antique glass stone; Sole: cow leather
  • DIMENSIONS H. 10.8 cm, L. 25.8 or 25.6 cm

  • Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Secular Treasury, INVENTORY # Treasury, WS XIII 13


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