The Lacing Step.

When you get a section tacked down, whatever a section will be to your design, it's time for the next step.

Come up on one end of your section.


This is an easy step, it's just basically like lacing your shoes. You will do a running pass through all your beads of that section, or area, on top of the fabric. You might need to do it in a couple tries as they surely will not all get on the needle in some designs due to length of the lines or curves. Just whip in a out till you get it done.

But this is easy, just run through, get to the end go through the next row, an the next... just turning around at the ends to go again, no need to go UNDER the fabric and come up unless you want to of course.


OK here I was trying to show you how to weave in and out, but it didn't photograph well, I plan on reshooting this section with colored thread soon anyway)

If I was just doing this on some fabric, without filling it in, but just the tree, I would be going through twice in opposite directions like lacing your shoes, (think left to right then turn around and right to left in the opposite directions)

What you are trying to do is have thread going IN and out of each bead to the ones next to it

See the diagram to see this a bit more clearly , I hope.

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