A basic overview on how to work the design, and a step by step through it's progression.
Here is it cut out, for medallions I cut about a 1.25" edge.

This shows you the tension of the piece when you couch between every bead. I took the above and just bent the piece upwards, It will stay this way., I can roll it around my finger even.


This is the back, hey, neatness ain't period. On medallion no one is gonna see it anyway.

I prefer to work a section and NOT knot off, but just move on. I only knot when I need to change threads. Knots can Unwind and just stretching across saves time. When I apply glue I think the long strands actually help and act as anchors.


After applying a thick layer of ELMER's glue to the back (just tot he edges of the design) Most times I will cut a scrap of material cut to size or slightly smaller and apply that over the glue. This helps it get harder and HOLDS the threads. (This is ONLY for my medallions, so many have asked). When it dries it will be ROCK hard.

The reason I use ELMER"S is it dries hard, is water soluble, and will REHARDEN.

If I ever need to open it up or clean it wetting it down will do the trick. To clean just brush with a soapy toothbrush, bending the medallion to get to lodged bits it you need to and rinse. Just press in towels to get the water out and press under books overnight again and it should be jsut fine.

I fold in the outer fabric, pressing it tightly to the middle, and apply another little blob of glue to the back of the fabric I plop on the leather. I will press this flat and then go around with my scissors and trim areas that might stick out too far, since the circle of leather is perfect and the beads ARE NOT QUITE.


I just simply whip stitch the leathers very out edge to the outer line of beads, being sure to sink the whipping thread into the bead cracks (I try to use thread that matches the beads) as I go.

I stitch OVER the twisted wire on mine, following the angle of the twist, hiding it, nothing more is required to keep it on.

You need to stitch this when the glue is wet or it will be too hard to get the needle through. The glue squoosh through the beads. JUST stitch it, and then pick it out later with your needle. When done press under some heavy books over night after reshaping. I press mine into a table then weight it down.

These last and last. The stitch is very secure.

I have ever seen is dropping one in a washing machine and it washed all the glue out. It was flexible but there was NO damage.

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