A basic overview on how to work the design, and a step by step through it's progression.

Once I get my design down, I begin filling in the background.

Now, here I have NOT yet couched the roots down, I find with areas such as this it's easier to fill in THEN couch, so you can push them around a bit to look the way you want.


Now I just filled them in, again, I haven't couched this bottom part yet. Everything else you see IS couched though. I will pcuh a line or two if they will not stay where I want to make it easier on me.


Center section all filled in.

After referring my circle guide I decided to redraw the outer edge and move it down a notch since the roots extended a bit far.


The roots area is tricky, very uneven I can't just whip around the outside. This is where your lines are VERY important.

I wasn't planning three lines around the outside, I normally do two, but that's the way it worked out.


If you are using a stand alone shape, or design keep referring to your guides or pattern and adjust your work a the edges as you need. This is a bit flat at the top, but not enough to try to squeeze in small beads to plump it upwards. It's minor I can deal with it, sometimes it's as close as you can get.

I snapped off some of the very tips of the roots, bringing it back from the edge a bit, an filed in with purple. It's has a more even outline now.


Here it is all couched. I go over with my thumbnails and fingers and push, poke and press beads and areas flat, trying to form the design as flat as can be.

It usually bowls slightly by this point, a the out edges, as you get better and learn your tension your wirk will get flatter and flatter. My work is nearly perfectly flat now.

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