One of these two is what I would start with if you've never done embroidery beforeand want to try it. they are simple and have fairly simple curves and are of a univesal enough theme that you could make it for a favor and give it away to nearly every one.

The top one is nice to try first as it's merely long lines, prolly with two or three rows of beads, so you could finish it fast. Or if you wnated you could fill the holes in.

Both of these are easy!

The Rose should have a thinr line, (beads laid end to end, but done the same way at the others) between the petals, or you could outline it with emboidery then fill in with beads, very period!

See this pattern in color here

This font was so darned cool for this I couldn't decide which to show, so I decided to give you them all. Click here to get them.
I just liked this and it's not all that complicated.


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