Rose Favor from a Kit at a Pennsic War Class

I made this as a sample for a class I did, It's been worn, litterally kicked around for three years, and washed more times than I can count just by getting mixed in the laundry. The cloth don't look too pretty, but the beadwork is peachy.

I didn't however knot somethign as well as I should have and as you can see in the second pic where the beads have fallen out, but see how the other ones stay put, this is even after being washed. If I put the effort in and back track the two rows to either side and couch in a new replacemnt rows, all will be well again, but I like to use this as a sample to show how the stitch does exactly as I said it would. Holds up and stays.

Anyway I used a rose, It's a pretty much a universal sign of favor, and I get pretty much only women anyway, but it's a really simple design. The beads are greasy yellow, purple, green and white opaque 11/0 seeds.

Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)