Beaded Baronial Coronet
For Alexis - who else.

Blue and white are her colors and this is sort of my first attempt at a semblence of this piece. Now, Granted i made the tubes a bit bulbous, but I used the period piece as a guide for style. I plan to make another closer to the orginal for myself. THis one will be finshed off with ties so that it can be tied on tight around hats and viels by request (area not shown) but otherwise it's all done. I'm still toing with the idea of HOW to finish it, so far i am thingking a turned ring on both ends and tied through both.I used 12/0 three-cut cobalt blue silver lined bead for this. (I did my best on color correction butt it's very vivid.) The stones are artifical moonstones bought at war. The white beads have a pearl finish to simulate real pearls.

Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)