My NEW Willow Medallion

I made myself a new one, since I gave the last one away. This is my favorite s far. Using the more period style 3-cut beads, in opaque (size 12/0). It's real subtle glitter, except in low light where it REALLY gets noticed. Purple is never a good color in this type of modern glass, unlike in period where they had violet and eggplant shades. So it must be something we're missing or they something used that we cannot now (due to price or toxicity -you name it). It's little bigger than I usually make them, 2.5" round, I'm a big girl I can make it work and I wanted more detail in the roots. This time I also added a twisted wire around the outside edge, something I will do from now on, I LOVE the look. Al so helped hide the TINY line of cloth that peeks at the edge. I just sewed down the wire when I was whipstitching the breaded front to the leather backing, so it was just a LITTLE extra work to hold it in place while I did so. The chin is temporary until I bead one (psst... I hate peyote).COLOR NOTE: It's more of a dark grey lavender, which does not scan and color correct all that well. The yellow is phosphorus yellow, which IS period, so this just POPS! 10 foot rule? Try 40!


Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)