Recreation of Jewelryy and clothing
from Petrus Christus' "Portrait of a Woman (or Girl)"

I found a poster of this paintg and realized it was beady. I had to have it and make it, and I did. I used .33 gauge beadwire and black glass beads,, the pearls were antique ones from my Grandmother, not real but do feel and look it, very heavy, I also used bronze bugles for the "spokes" on the ladder parts of the necklace. I used wire as the numerous tires I attempted with various bead threads were unseccuessful. The wire worked right off. I did this a bit like macrame' , I used pins to guide and hold down the sectiosn as I did them and keep them shaped on a pladded half moon pelliow I made especially for this. This was a experiment, taught me alot, I might do it again sometime, once you got going it wasn't hard.

Hadn't made the hat yet. But don't I look just hot and burdened?

I'll try and dig out a picture of the hat, and post it here, plastic canvas is a wonder baby. The loop, BTW IS funtional. It is wired and the lop spans the curve of your head and actually keeps the hat on just fine with out pins.

Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)