Medallion for the King of Calontir
I made this as a poart of a basket of gifties for the royals there on a ambassadorial mission to the western nieghbors. I mae thsi and the Queeens arms (now lost?) and when I went to give these to the folks who were putting the baskets together, we realized I had made teh wreath the wrong color (hint: it's supposed to be gold). I was naturally stupidfied, as I had even called thier kingdom herald to ASK.

Well, I never got around to fixing it, and as it would have been nearly impossible once the backing glue was applied and it was already stitched together, this is what I have left.

Did nice job on the calontiri cross eh? it was hard.

Thanks to: Lady Karen Larsdatter, for donating this piece to the page.


Copyright 2000 Jen Funk Segrest (Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort)