Burgundian Lady, from a tapestry in the Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC
photo taken By Grizel in 1996 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Please excuse the bad quality the shot, I did my best to make it better. But it was in Large dark hall a we could no use flash on the camera, obviuosly because of the sensitivity of the dyes on the yarns. Or So they said, the Smithsonian the year before let us flash all we wanted outside of the watercolor halls. I figure The Smithsonian knows it's buisness better than about anyone , but whatever.This is a huge padded roll hennan with side caps, and a lyrepipe and dagged tips. This pictures also shows a two strand twisted pearls or bead necklace with a cross of pearls at the center.

Big and bold necklaces seem to be the norm for the burgundian period.


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