Portrait of a Woman, Petrus Christus, flemish/french, 1476.
Staatliche Museen, Gemaldegalerie, Berlin


Here there are just tons of beady things to ogle at. Beadwork on the hat, not to mention the necklace (Both which I have recreated, find it here).

Necklace: This necklace is truly a work of art. It is three layers of black seed beeds and wire in a ladder type configuration, with two layers of pearls in between.In looking at the detail below yo can tell that the first layer of pearls fall in a very set pattern on the first layer, every fourth rung, which is where a gold/bronze bugle bead is. The second layer of pearls merely lines up a pearl between the pearls in the layer above it, no set place.

Hat: It is hard to tell, even on my poster sized version I have here at the house, what exactly is going on here. I will make a guess and say gold metal embrodery (wire) with eiether tiny pearls or silver beads. The more I look at it, I lean towards silver beads. The coloration is different than that pearls on the necklace. The hat beads are very white in tone whereas the pearls on the neclace are very cream or fleshy colored. Perhaps this means they are silver, or they are glass faux pearls, I am not sure.

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