This page is still under construction as I need to make some medallions for EACH of the beads.

I have set these up in categories to make picking out your beads easier: Period, Glitz, Viva Las Vegas, and Period Vegas

Most times when I start explaining what's period and why and finshes and all people glaze over. Here you can just look at pictures, and read more if you want.

When you order your medallion, please me what style you'd like from the list below, that will tell me the type of beads.

I would prefer to NOT mix types. Please pick ONE style of beads. I think it comes out better if you do.

If you insist, I will aceppt TWO types ONLY - opqaues and another variety of the same bead. (e.g., Silver lined and opaque, Opaque and clear...or form the "Vegas" line: 3-cut opaque and 3-cut satin, or 3-cut opaque and 3-cut silverlined...

Midrealm Willow: Transparent seed

Period 1: Opaque seed - Solid color, no light passes through. Typically called "indian beads. Simply pretty. Most period, without the modern sparkle.

Period 2: Transparent seed - Crystal clear solid-colored glass. Some like the a bit of glow and shimmer n all light, very pretty and not as glitzy as below. Very Period.

Midrealm Arms: Opaque & Silver Lined beads

Glitz: Silver-lined seed - Commonly called a "rochaille" or "silver lined" bead - A transparent glass over a foil lining. These pick up and reflect light really nicely. Not really all that period, but do you really care?


The stunning sparkle of these beads
is hard to capture in photos.

Ok , this requires a bit of lead-in:

While, I call these Vegas beads, they are in fact about the closest to beads seem in the 13th century, minus the flat hand-cut sides.

See Period Sample of simliar beads: Sample 1 - Sample 2

The glitziest, most audacious of the bunch are a rarer form of seed bead called "3-cuts". They start off mushc like the beads most folks know as "Bugles" - only very short.

After being snapped to seed size, they are HAND GROUND on wheels - by real people in the Czech republic - to round them and give them random facets, or cuts.

These flat surfaces give the 3-cuts their fantastic glitter and allow them to pick up enormous amounts of light sometimes seemingly from nowhere and send it back. The clear varities alomost look better in dim light thant sunlight, picking up any ambient light and seemingly glow from it.

Due to the hand made process, these are a time consuming, harder to find in popular colors,and thusly they are roughly aboou 5x's as expensive as thier plainer counterparts. Some styles of 3-cuts come around only once in several years... I try to keep all the heraldic colors in stock, but once they are gone they are gone, and it could be several years before they appear again. I'll let you know if dont have a color thats needed and I can't get it.

I do charge $10 extra for using these beads to allot for thier extra cost and required time consuming tasks while working with them. Because the way the beads made there is some size variance in widths, so I have to sit raking through a bowl of beads till I find a perfetly sized thin or thick one to fit the spot needed. (see "Las Vegas 2" below to see a good example of this...)


Pelican Medallion: satin 3-cuts with two hangers

LasVegas 1: 3-Cut Silverlined - Crystal clear colored glass over a foil lining with randomly cut flat sides, or facets giving it atsounding sparkle. Out of period for this small of a bead, but do you really care? These pick up and reflect light nicely.

Las Vegas 2: 3-Cut Satin - Ok these are hard to describe: a semi tranparent glass beadwith randomly cut flat sides, or facets giving it atsounding sparkle

Satins very much are like Tiger's Eye stone or more closely, fiber optic bundles. This glass is called "cat's eye" or" Fiber optic glass" in larger beads. (This link might help you visualize.) Stunning in sunlight, breathtaking at night - always over the top.

Laurel (patch) :
Opaque 3-cuts

Period Vegas 1: 3-Cut Opaque: Solid colored glass with randomly cut flat sides, or facets giving it atsounding sparkle.. These are my faves. They just LOOK right. They choose to sparkle best in low light, and no one can help but notice them. Closest to period, but with modern faceting

Period Vegas 2: 3-Cut Transparent: Crystal clear transparent colored glasswith randomly cut flat sides, or facets giving it atsounding sparkle. Pretty close to period, but with modern faceting


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